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Many Problems. A Multitarget Solution.

SG1002 A Novel Hydrogen Sulfide Prodrug

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) has recently emerged as a critical small molecule playing a major role in normal physiology and pathophysiology.

Via the action of metabolic enzymes, it is naturally generated at nanomolar levels in the heart, liver, kidney, nervous system, lung, airway tissues, eye, gastrointestinal tract, reproductive organs, skeletal muscle, pancreas, joints, connective tissue, cochlea and adipose tissues of all mammalian species.


The Creator of Sulfagenix

Leadership in Sodium Polysulthionate Research

Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Sulfagenix Gabriel Gojón Sr., Ph.D., is the co-discoverer of SG1002. He is an expert in free-radical chemistry and sodium polysulthionate research and was awarded the 2007 Andrés Manuel del Rio prize from the National Chemical Society Mexico, honoring him as the best chemistry scientist in the country.

What We Do?


The Sulfagenix Solution

Sulfagenix holds the key unlocking the regenerating abilities of the body 

SG1002 (sodium polysulthionate), Sulfagenix’s clinical-stage prodrug, is a precursor to a natural-occurring molecule, hydrogen sulfide, for which deficits have been shown to exist in cardiovascular disease.
Sulfagenix, Inc. is built on decades of research on modifying existing molecules to improve safety, bioavailability and efficacy for new uses.
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